Scruffy Paris – An Introduction

Since moving back to Paris, I’ve noticed things have gotten a bit – sleeker. Boulangeries and pâtisseries glisten with beautiful new façades.  Cafés attempt to attract your eye with stunning graphic designs and trendy fonts.  Many times, you get great food, service, drinks, etc. behind these esthetically pleasing efforts.  Other times, you may be greatly … More Scruffy Paris – An Introduction

Exploring Knoxville

Many people, when they hear that I’m from Knoxville, Tennessee, react in a couple of different ways.  The French reaction is typically to sing “Quelque chose de Tennessee” by Johnny Hallyday – this reaction has become relatively endearing over time (but he’s really talking about Tennessee Williams in the song.  Not going to spoil it … More Exploring Knoxville

Adapting to Paris

We’ve been back in Paris for a few months now after a whirlwind holiday season.  Ever tried moving during the holidays?  Don’t.  You’re a sadist if you do, especially if it is an international move.  I’ve done it twice – once to South Africa and once back to France.  You’re running all over the place, … More Adapting to Paris

Welcome Y’all!

I’m a Paris novice and expert all at once.  These are my jumbled thoughts. I’m a novice because I’ve been gone for 3 years.  I moved to Johannesburg for my job, and then my assignment came to an end.  Now we’re discovering Paris all over again.  All the new places!  The new neighborhood!  The new … More Welcome Y’all!